Fuse Stress


Aircraft design involves a delicate balance of varying design objectives (often mutually exclusive). Design factors which must be considered include fit and function, dimensioning and tolerances, material availability, manufacturability, cost, weight, load paths and static strength, stiffness, durability, corrosion, accessibility, maintainability, interchangeability, inspectability, and reparability. An excellent aircraft designer is not only proficient in CAD techniques, but possesses a solid foundation in these various disciplines and has the ability to achieve an optimum balance between these often conflicting design objectives..

Aerosciences design staff have been carefully selected to ensure that only the most capable engineers are available to provide solutions for your aircraft repair, modification, or certification projects. Our designers work closely with structural and systems engineers to achieve a final configuration representing the best possible trade-off between relevant criteria.

Additional information on our design capabilities and experience can be found in the following sections:

Structural Design

Systems Design